Thoughts from places: Wendy’s

Wendy’s restaurant

For the entirety of my shift last night I had this song stuck in my head:

A little piece of information one should know about me before we begin is that when a song gets stuck in my head I sing- very loud.

So, throughout my shift I kept humming this song as I went about my tasks. I did it while I was making burgers, I did it while I was helping out on fries- heck, the only normal time I was doing it was when I was washing dishes in the back!

However, I was supposed to be closing the dining room last night which also meant that I was the front cashier. So, when customers stopped coming in and the entire section was empty- I thought it would be a great idea to start stocking up on bags and such for the front.

So, in the Wendy’s resturant we have a very large walk in cooler which has very good sound insulation. Meaning, when someone is inside they cannot hear those outside and vise versa. It is because of this that when I walked in to grab some of the dressings and other sauces, I felt very comfortable singing out loud instead of humming as I thought that no one could hear me.

I also thought that, because the dining room was empty, singing outside of the walk in cooler would be a great idea as well.

So as I was walking along, getting my regular tasks done I kept singing to myself. I started fairly quiet but as I grew more certain that no one around me could hear me, or that they didn’t care what I was doing, I started to sing a bit louder. I was about a third way through the song, and just finishing up re-stocking the cheese curds when I heard a faint cough from the other side of the counter.

A customer.

I don’t think I’ve been that embarrassed in a long, long time.

I could feel all my muscles tense and the blush rise to my cheeks as I realized he must’ve been there for quite a while- and listening.

To me.


The entire time.

Thankfully he was very nice about it, he merely chuckled and smiled at me before asking if I could take his order which I did with a very red face. My co-workers teased me about it for the rest of the night mercilessly until my shift ended, but I know that this will not be the last I hear of this incident.

Although it was a very educational experience.. or at least, I think so not in the same way my other entries have been where it was a bit more philosophical but more in a direct sense- an immediate lesson that I can learn from this experience which would be:

Check the dining room first before you assume that it’s empty.

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