Historically, humans have existed in tribes. These tribes were originally based on geographical location. They served a purpose to identify which people were expected to share in the construction and running of a community, and which were included to receive resources. With the development of monotheistic religions, the concept of the tribe expanded across continents. This maintained that the In group were those who believed in the same version of God and practiced certain behaviors which were deemed necessary. Therefore anyone who did not agree with that story and share those customs, was considered Other. War began to happen because “those people are wrong about the divine”. Imperialism took on the noble cause of “saving” others who did not agree with one version of God. In the name of just a few traditions, violence became a form of interacting. The major world religions have constituted tribes. Nationalities also allowed a version of tribes based again on geographical location. However with the mobility of humans today, immigration has challenged this way of identifying who is in and out of the tribe.
The tribe which I identify with today, are those who see through the illusion of geographical location and limited, proscribed concept of the divine. Those whose faith is that there is an infinite spirit embodied in all living things. We share values of inclusion and openness. We do not claim to know the truth. We pledge only to being true to ourselves and the good of all. There is no formal process to become part or to leave. There is no imposition on the way we use our bodies. There is no threat of judgement and punishment by any specific being. We understand that what we choose to do has ripple effects in the universe which reach us again eventually. There is no particular ritual we are forced to do. We see each other not as something so temporary and superficial as our bodies, but as spirits.

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