Just Say No

Today I want to talk about the importance of learning to say NO. Many of us are socialized into believing that we are supposed to take care of others, particularly women. We are told to make sure everyone else is ok before considering ourselves. Many of us feel guilty to say NO to something, we worry that others will think less of us for not being able to do something. We feel that if we at all possibly can, that we are somehow obligated to do that favor, help someone out, solve their problems.
However, we each have a limited supply of energy. Think of it as having a jar of water. Many of us use our water until we completely run out of it, and then crash emotionally and physically because we are on empty. It takes time and effort to refill it and get it started again. We should learn to consider that the last quarter of water, is for only our selves. That way if your water is approaching that level, you must consider that you have no more to give. When we are out of energy, we are not able to help anyone. In fact we may need to borrow someone else’s energy in order to keep going. We are now draining the supply instead of regenerating our own through self care. We need to make a big red line around that last quarter on the water bottle and say-this is for ME only. We do not need to feel guilty about it, or worry what someone else will say, or reason that we could part with just a little more. When we learn to say NO to others we are saying YES to our selves. Yes to taking a nap, Yes to doing our yoga, Yes to curling up with a book, Yes to turning off our phone and just being with ourselves. Thank you.