This is Why You Should Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You.

Lolly Daskal
Dec 1, 2017 · 3 min read
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You might be feeling scared of the…

Business you wanted to start….

The book you wanted to write…

The relationship you wanted to have…

If fear stopped you…

You can stop the fear.

Because you can feel the fear and do it anyway- if you do one thing that scares you every day.

When we feel that there are things that are— out of our scope, out of our realm. If we are constantly thinking we can’t dream or achieve.

We are not only fighting a losing battle, we are also subverting your own growth.

We’re all afraid of something — the challenge is to try one thing every day that scares you.

Start small and become more daring.

By taking small risks on a daily basis, you will notice that every time you do something that scares you, you diminish your fear a little bit.

Take the challenge, and for the next 30 days, commit to doing things that scare you. You can use these examples, or make up your own:

  1. Today I made a tough decision when it came to __________.
  2. Today I dared to ________.
  3. Today I achieved mastery when ______.
  4. Today I dared to fail in ____________.
  5. Today I took a chance on __________.
  6. Today I mastered ___________.
  7. Today I said no to ___________.
  8. Today I stopping avoiding _______________.
  9. Today I accepted a compliment when _________.
  10. Today I asked for help from ______________.
  11. Today I stopped doing ______________.
  12. Today I let go of ________________.
  13. Today I got rid of ________________.
  14. Today I acknowledged that ______________.
  15. Today I showed courage when ___________.
  16. Today I surrendered to ________________.
  17. Today I took a chance on _________________.
  18. Today I reached out to____________________.
  19. Today I dared to confront ______________.
  20. Today I took a risk in_____________________.
  21. Today I said goodbye to __________________.
  22. Today I challenged myself to _______!
  23. Today I did the hardest thing for me when I _________________.
  24. Today I did something worth doing: __________!
  25. Today I traveled to _______.
  26. Today I was bold when ________.
  27. Today I resisted fear by ___________.
  28. Today I took a leap when ________.
  29. Today I had the courage to ________.
  30. Today I said yes to__________.

If you do one thing that scares you every day. You will be bolder, braver and and more successful.

For the next 30 days take the challenge and start the year 2018 with a big bang.

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The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You And Your Greatness.

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Lolly Daskal is the founder of Lead from Within, a global leadership, executive coaching, and business consulting firm. You can connect with her on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Google+ She is the author of the bestseller The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness.

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