LinkedIn Matched Audiences: A Remarking Guide for LinkedLn


As you read through this article, you will soon have a better understanding of how to target your prospects and customers using matched audiences on LinkedLn. According to Alexandra Rynne, these matched audiences allows you to “retarget website visitors, market to contacts from your customers databases and marketing automation platforms as well as reach decision-makers at target companies for your account based marketing programs.” Three popular targeting capabilities include: website retargeting, account targeting and contact targeting. Some main rules when using these three targeting capabilities is 1. Always retarget LinkedIn users who visited your website (the article gives you step by step instructions on how to do this.) The next important steps when targeting is reach out to employees of your target accounts. This step is important if you are running account-based marketing programs focusing on reaching specific accounts rather than specific people in those accounts. The article continues to give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete this task. Your last rule when using the three targeting capabilities is target your email contacts (contact targeting.) In LinkedIn you are able to build and tailor a custom audience by uploading your email list and addresses or importing data from other websites such as Oracle and LiveRamp. LinkedIn is an easy to use platform that makes it really simple to organize and optimize your profile. The article gives you exact steps to increase your profile and stand out to other employers. In a nutshell people are using articles like this to improve their personal profiles to stand out to potential employers. Overall, LinkedIn is the new technology of the business world that allows employers and employees to quickly search and review others. Following the proper steps to optimizing your profile will only benefit you in your career.