Projects: Update


As I have just started using Medium I thought I’d do a progress update for all the projects I have been working on over the past months to get this blog space up to speed! I also have a few Projects on the horizon but that will be for another update (I gotta pad out this blog somehow)…

Crater Maker

by Playing With Matches

Crater Maker brings us back to the glory days of gaming, putting you in the astronaut’s hot seat to tackle a daunting task: supply the universe! As a delivery pilot for Lightspeed Services, you will find yourself navigating your craft through the darkest reaches of space to ensure your customers receive their goods. Manage your fuel, find the quickest path to your destination, don’t piss off the aliens, and avoid asteroids and other obstacles to earn bonuses and achieve the ultimate in glory in SCENARIO MODE…”

The music for this game is quite light and fun. I wanted to use live sampled instruments and 8 bit retro chiptune to fit the games atmosphere. This game should be out towards the end of the year on Steam! Check out the website here.

Galactic Princess

by Cecly

“Dive into an epic adventure through deep space. Find the princess to restore peace, and rule the universe. The fate of the ship is in your hands: Manage your crew’s abilities: from repelling intruders on your ship, to boosting the ship’s systems. As a smuggler you deal in all sorts of merchandise. From perfectly normal space pizza to pricey and dangerous contraband such as space drugs, and even slaves. Beware though, even in space the police are watching.”

Music for this game is very fun to make indeed. Nostalgia driven synthesizer sounds reminiscent of old 70's Sci-Fi is key here, adding to the dark space atmosphere and art style. Check out the latest devlog update here for some gameplay and to listen to a track by me! Galactic Princess will be realeased on Steam next year. Check out the website here.

Battlestation: First Contact

by Bugbyte

“Battlestation – Humanity’s last hope is a real-time sci-fi strategy tower defense game, inspired by Babylon 5 and FTL. Set in a universe, where 3 other species and an unknown threat are nearby, you are in command of the only defense humans have left. Take command of the Battlestation, customize and build your own weapons and fleet, and make diplomacy with other species. Your every decision will culminate into one epic last battle, where based on your decisions you might be fighting the unknown threat alone or with allies.”

A great mobile game that is fun to play and very addictive. The music is a series of short loops that are split into idle and battle music that is triggered on and off accordingy. I am quite happy how the tracks came out and think it suits the game well. The soundtrack will be available soon on my bandcamp page. Bugbyte will have a kickstarter around the same time they release the mobile game for the PC version of the game Battlestation – Humanity’s last hope. Join the Thunderclap here to help support the game and promote awareness!

back to it then…

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