Survive The Nights!

Making the original soundtrack

As you may or may not know, I have been fortunate enough to get on the new PC game Survive the Nights as the games composer. Very exciting!

I contacted the development team back in July before they started a very successful Kickstarter campaign and sent some samples for them to check out. Sure enough they loved what I made and I got brought on to the team. Some of the music samples I made were incorporated into the Kickstarter game video.

Kickstarter video featuring Pre-Alpha gameplay

I even uploaded a couple to my soundcloud page for backers to check out:

These examples give a very rough and brief idea of the sound I am going for. I will be drawing on a number of influences from film soundtracks, game soundtracks and independent artists. One of these artists is C418. Namely of the Minecraft Soundtrack. Now in this case, i’m not referring to the way the music sounds, but the way the music can engage the player emotionally and bring a very human element to a harsh and stark environment. I love the way the innocent light melodies seem to fade in from nowhere and make a wonderful link between the game world and player. It adds so much to the atmosphere of the game. Making an emotional connection is very important when making a game (or any art form for that matter!) and Survive the Nights is a great opportunity to exercise this.


Music in the game will be triggered a number of different ways which will be put to the test during development with good methods being kept and not so great ones being scrapped. Music will be made specifically for these different situations. I have a few ideas on how the in game music can be triggered, such as:

  • Time of day
  • Nearby zombies or players
  • Doing as specific task or action
  • Entering different areas in the environment
Pre-Alpha gameplay video

I have already made quite a few tracks for the game and can’t wait to try them out while playing the game. The soundtrack will eventually be on Steam along with the game as well as various other places such as iTunes and Bandcamp.

I will be doing another update closer to time of release and may even put a track up early on my soundcloud page for players to listen to.

Check out Survive the Nights on the official website or follow them on twitter. If you have any ideas for the soundtrack or want to share your favorite soundtracks with me get in touch!

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