A Letter to My Sister

Photo Credit: http://www.mdig.com.br/index.php?itemid=11549

We walked without guidance and desperately tried to catch our petals of innocence as life relentlessly blew them away.

How many times have you hugged your sister?

This is to those little girls who waited on the top step of the porch for a dad who never showed up.

To those little girls who heard, “You aint never gone be nothing!”

To those little girls who prayed for a savior but God never heard midnight lullabies and tear sunken eyes, and as you prayed harder, I let my tears subside.

You see, this poetry was all I had left.

I sat clawing at the shadows of the men who crumbled my foundation.

Sat screaming at my egg donor because I felt like a motherless child,

And I hated her…and I hated you because you never took my side,

And poetry was my only escape.

We ran side by side on opposites sides of a brick wall and we never even knew we were racing

Trying to outrun the monsters that haunted our dreams

And we wonder why we say so very tired.

Tired of hurting, tired of crying

Fact is, without poetry, I would still be running too.

Without poetry, I would be you.

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