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Witnessing Digital History: Is this the rise and fall of Facebook?

When you tell a single platform who your friends are; your relationship status; where you were last night and where you are going next week, what could possibly go wrong? A lot, it turns out.

Facebook tracked call logs from this users phone. Read the whole thread.

The “Dumb F***’s”

The significance of the recent news about Facebook is not in the detail, but the framing. The fact that Facebook has huge potential to abuse, misuse and be careless with user data has been acknowledged for a long time. What the case of CA has done is brought the darker side of the platform much closer to the light. It has shown us exactly what happens when that potential becomes reality.

How did we get here?

I remember when I first signed up to Facebook . The format was simple, the blue theme was a little darker and your news feed was just your friends, who were all about 13 as most Facebook users were back in 2008. The biggest fear of the platform was its use for cyber-bullying, not swaying US elections or UK referendums.

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