Fatherhood, Part II

Here in my garage…

Six years ago, I was that guy.

Yep, him.

You know the one.

The lifelong bachelor. The party boy. The one whose life is all about him.

I thought people who had kids were suckers. Dummies. Losers.

I remember when my colleague in banking had a kid and then another guy had one too. I said out loud “Monkey see, monkey do.”

I even told my Dad that getting a dog was too much of a commitment.

He laughed.

I remember on New Year’s Eve back in 2010 Mariana made a wish. She said “I want two boys and one girl.”

I literally LOL’d and proceeded to ROFL.

Why she stayed with me I’ll never know :)

But now that I look back, it all makes sense. You see that Brian was all about Brian. He was taught that happiness in life was directly correlated to his accomplishments.

And so Brian stacked those “wins” in the only way he knew how. Relentlessly. The degrees, the bonuses, the abs, the toys.

But then I started London Real.

It taught me something completely different.

Each week I started to get inside other people’s heads on the show and for the first time I was really listening to other people.

I began to develop this crazy thing called “empathy”.

Soon after, people began stopping me in the streets and telling me that London Real episodes had changed their lives. It blew me away, and it felt better than any car, vacation, or payday ever had.

For the first time I really felt connected to others, and I started to realise that we as humans are all one.

It’s no coincidence that shortly after I moved in with Mariana and adopted her daughter Gaby. Whoa! These were big, scary steps for Brian.

A few years later my son Kaden was born. And now his brother is due in August.

I shudder to think what that old Brian would be doing now if he hadn’t made these changes. Standing topless in front of a Lamborghini at 50 just isn’t a good look! :)

I realise none of this would have happened without London Real.

None of this would have happened without YOU watching me every single week, holding me accountable and challenging me to go deeper into my darkness.

It’s been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my entire life.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Without you and London Real, these beautiful boys would never have been born.

And I would not be the man I am today.

Now let’s see if Mariana is ready for that girl too!! :)

Peace & Love (and babies),


P.S. Leave me your baby name suggestions in the comments below!

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