Fly High —Lessons from The Jetman, Yves Rossy

Yves Rossy — Fly High

Just two words.

Or the embodiment of an entire philosophy of life.

On Tuesday at our London studios I asked the 57 year old Yves Rossy (AKA the “Jetman”) the best advice he had every received. After staring at the ceiling for 20 seconds, he looked directly in my eyes and said:

“Fly High.”

In an instant I was able to comprehend everything this man stood for and at the same time what is truly inspirational about the human race.

You see Yves has been pushing the limits of high speed, human controlled jetpacks for the past decade. In the process he has flown across the English Channel, floated in formation with an Airbus 380 over Dubai, and had a life-altering crash landing next to a horse in the Spanish desert.

But he is not looking to put his jet pack on Kickstarter or sell his technology to the military. He just wants to push the envelope and find out how far he can take the technology of human controlled flight. Purely for the love of it!

To me “fly high” also means something else. It tells me that NOW is the time for all of us to go big, not some date in the future.

It also tells me that each one of us has a responsibility to push ourselves to our very limits in order to contribute to the progress of the human race. Could Yves fly on his jetpack without the risks taken by the Wright Brothers and Chuck Yeager and their contributions to aviation? Most definitely not.

When will you start to “Fly High”?

Tomorrow, next week, next year? When has playing it safe ever brought you anything but mediocre results and a comfortable existence?

Every time Yves goes up in that jetpack he puts his life on the line in pursuit of his dreams. Imagine what results you could have if your intentions were so bold.

Be strong, aim high, and go big!


With Yves Rossy, aka Jetman