Black Friday……. More like Blessed Friday!!!!!

My family and I spent our Thanksgiving going to different family members houses who invited us over to celebrate with them. We weren’t able to make it to everyone’s house but the ones we made it to it was really nice seeing the faces we hadn’t seen in years but wish it was enough time in the day to see everyone and spend time with them all.

On this morning as my husband, the kids and I sat in the bed reflecting back on yesterday we are calling the day after Thanksgiving Blessed Friday not Black Friday because we don’t got out and spend our morning shopping. We are thanking everyone who invited us out and special thanks The Tye’s & Greens to their Friendsgiving, The Dabney’s for the Traditional Family Dinner and The Wells for their Harvest Fest. Each place we talked , laughed and had a really nice time. The food was outstanding a even though I had a taste for Qdoba or Chipotle. The kids enjoyed themselves playing with their cousins and eating all the desserts. Alonzo wanted yams every place we stopped. His was mad I didn’t let him have ice cream but it was worth it because his last stop he got Banana Pudding. Zoelle got a piece of gum and a BlowPop from her last two stops. And she just helped herself. Her Granny P and AuntieTeeTee were okay with it.

We had a blessed Thanksgiving and definitely calling today Blessed Friday. The Simpsons are truly blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. And yesterday was the first day I went without crying. I just laughed about all the fun times we had with Tor’Ron and I definitely felt his presence. Here’s the post from his Aunty Bee’s SnapChat. These were after her post about what she is Thankful for.

The post almost made me cry but instead I smile and didn’t allow the presence of his face have me on my feelings. I definitely miss him but her post of a sign of him being present with us. Even when I messaged his Aunty the time was 11:07 AM and my heart was full of joy because it felt his presence instead of sadness because I miss him I knew he was with us. We may have loss him physical but he will forever be with us & we are truly Blessed to have been selected to be his family.

-Momma Simpson

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