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Oh, come on. This is mostly thoughtless, facile crap. When Andrade is talking about “journalists” he means the talking heads on the cable and network news shows. Those aren’t journalists, they’re…well…talking heads on infotainment shows, and there aren’t a lot of them. Even Andrade says “there are a lot of great journalists out there, a lot of well-intended smart people who go into the business for all of the right reasons.” And then he says “[People] see journalists say, ‘just trust the experts, like us.’ Well a lot of Americans have good reasons not to trust experts.” They do? What are those reasons? What do you mean by “trust?” You mean Americans should be skeptical of climate change because so many TV tea-leaf readers said Trump had no chance? Should people trust their expert doctors, lawyers, or plumbers?

Most of this column is similar mushy thinking. What’s the point, that Twitter ruined journalism, that things were just fine in TV news before Twitter, when standards were being sacrificed for ratings and advertising dollars? And just how deep and meaningful was Andrade’s writing on Twitter when Twitter “gave me a platform to share the stories of those I was talking to.” Stories told in 140 characters?

Grousing about journalism has been the favorite indoor sport of cranky critics and politicians since the first amendment was enacted. There are bright spots, but in general, journalism per se surely isn’t any worse now than it was a hundred years ago, or 150.

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