Know the Time in Different Parts of the World with the World Clock Time Zone

The all new World Clock Time Zones is introduced to enable users to know the current time and date of any country in the world without the need of an internet connection. This software is a simple and small flash application with a few easy to use features.

The World Clock Time Zones is a portable app that hardly requires any installation process. It has a tiny and simple user interface with minimum number of buttons and a world map. As the tool need not be installed, it includes no new entries on the computer and it can be downloaded onto a pen drive or any other external hard drive device for future use.

This free software app has some other features which can be utilized easily. Users can change the appearance of the program such as the theme, color, flag marks and so forth. It is also easy to change the hour format and enlarge the map whenever required.

One of the recent users of this software app quotes, “The World Clock Time Zones is one of the best software apps that I have used till date as I can now keep track of the time and date of any place in the world. I find this tool quite useful while I attend global meetings. I no longer have to set my watch according to international time zone. Moreover, it is so easy to use.”

With this simple piece of software, users can easily zoom onto any particular country in the world and extract information such as the date, time and capital city and then save these details onto the main window of the program.

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About World Clock Time Zones

The World Clock Time Zones is an uncomplicated and small software app that is developed to view the time and date of different countries around the world without the use of internet.

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