Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Friday!!! Thank the sweet lord. Tonight: dinner with a girlfriend, $20. Tomorrow: mostly dependent on snow/ice, but if it’s clear in the morning, I’ll head over to my fave diner $13, and then take a walk in the woods. If it snows, I’ll just be hanging out at home until I go get my hair did, $150. That night I’m catching a showing of “Hidden Figures” with my gal pals, $13. Sunday is wide open, but I plan to purchase a headboard from Wayfair that day ($160ish). I think I’ll binge watch “The Night Of” and “Insecure” thanks to a friend’s HBOGo password. MLK JR is also wide open, aside from a volunteer gig in a local park. Oh, and I need to pick up my dry cleaning, $10.

Total: $350 seems like a safe bet.

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