Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

I didn’t estimate on Friday because I was already out-of-town. This was a crazy expensive weekend, because my best friend got married.

The hotel room was $313 for one night (a friend and I shared the room, and they paid for the second night). Getting hair, nails, and make-up done with the bride was $180, including tips (oof — and it was a terrible manicure). I grabbed lunch at one point for self, bride and mother of the bride, which was $29, and bought two bars of the nice locally made chocolate, $8. I bought a book and some notecards, $15.50, bought a drink in the hotel bar my first night, $10, bought some junk food at a gas station so I could get cash back, $2.50.

The wedding itself was incredible, and then I drank and danced way too much. I bought the couple a wedding gift, and dropped $60 in the card for fun. We had a huge, hearty lunch on Sunday ($27), and Ben & Jerry’s ($4.60). I bought a little treat for my roommate to thank her for watching the dog ($10), and when I finally got home, I took a cab from the metro station, $10, and bought fast food for dinner because it was 9 pm and I was hella tired ($5.50).

Attending a wedding: $675.10. Watching your best friend get married: priceless.

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