On Gym Clothes
Ester Bloom

Joining the chorus to say work-out clothes make working out more palatable. I really like the high-waisted black capris I got at the Nike Outlet. This was over a year ago, and they’ve been through a lot (regular work-outs + obstacle races). For bras, if you’ve got anything going on in the chest region, look into Moving Comfort. Pricey but totally worth it (and you can occasionally find them at TJ Mass, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, etc). I get a lot of random sweatwicking or quick dry shirts from Addidas, etc, at Nordstrom Rack, and like them a lot. Those sweatwicking tops are a life-saver in DC. Under Armor also makes great stuff and has regular sales. I’ve gotten one pair of leggings from Old Navy — they are high waisted and have held up ok, and at the price, I’d be happy to buy another pair, but I can’t find them. All about that high-waist life.