What’s Your After Work Routine?
Megan Reynolds

Oooh, I love reading about everyone’s routine.

Occasionally, if I’ve planned well, immediately after work, I go to a gym class. Otherwise, I head straight home, either on foot or on the bus, sometime between 5–6 pm. I would love to be able to run some errands on my way home from work, but I’m usually feeling too guilty about the dog to delay getting home. Get home, let the dog out into the backyard for a quick pee break, give the dog her dinner, change out of work clothes, then take her on a walk. We walk for 30 minutes to an hour, all over the neighborhood, and then come home; it’s usually 7 by this point. I prep and eat my dinner, run an errand to the grocery store or Target, tidy/laundry, wash dishes, take a shower, goof off with tv, a book, internet, or catch up with friends on the phone, and am usually in bed by 11.

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