Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

What a weekend! Friday I spent nothing, but Saturday I needed an emergency empanada ($4) and a cup of coffee ($2.50) and a cab ($11) on my way to the White House for the garden tour ($free). The tour was excellent and it was, nerd that I am, thrilling to be that close to the White House. The grounds are beautiful, the kitchen garden is popping, and the beehive was buzzing, so A+ all around. Then grabbed coffee with a friend ($2.50), before LUNCH WITH BILLFOLD BRAIN TRUST Andnowlights, Carly, RiffRandall!!! Which was the bomb dot com. What a bright and funny group of ladies. Heart eyes at all of you!

The charming gentleman I had been seeing called it off, and I gave in and had a good wallow instead of going out with a girlfriend to a food fest. I bought a lot of Thai food ($22) and some sundries at the corner store ($12) and relaxed at home. Sunday I did laundry, cleaned, went to Target for groceries and toiletries, and got take-out sushi at some point, too. Overall, a bang up weekend.

Total: $126

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