I Wrote a Letter to My Baby Girl About the First Woman President

I never expected the Donald instead.

BiBi For President — June 2017

On October 22nd last year, right before Hillary lost the election, I wrote my daughter a letter full of feminist pride. I was certain, along with the rest of my fellow isolated liberal citizens, that Hillary had the election in the bag, without a shadow of a doubt. For a new mother to an infant daughter, Hillary’s anticipated election as the first Woman President of the United States felt inspiring, overdue and monumental. Here I was, a new mom of a five-month-old baby girl, proud to be raising her in a world where, finally, women would be officially recognized with the same equal social status and opportunities as our beloved men. How was I so misled?

As the results rolled in on election night, I was just as shocked and horrified as you can imagine.

The fact that Donald Trump stole the election away from Hillary Clinton, who would have been the first Woman President in American history, speaks volumes for the nature of the sexist systemic corruption that has plagued our social progress on Planet Earth for too long. Like an angry, impish boy on the playground who wants to keep the girl out of the clubhouse, the Donald cheated his way to the White House, instead of letting her merits take their place of leadership. I’ve said it since the day he was elected and I’ll keep saying it until it’s publicly proven with enough evidence in this long investigation of his criminal action — Donald Trump is an installation of destruction by a foreign adversary, intended to demolish American civilization from within. As long as we’re debating his credibility as a criminal, we’re still allowing the toxic effects of the Russian cyber trolls to eat away at the stability of our American identity. We cannot allow the people who voted for Donald Trump to live in this alternative reality another day. Donald Trump is a TRAITOR, and he should be publicly labeled as such. Facts are indisputable. I understand that they must be proven, and that it’s early to expect everyone to accept my precognition as fact, but I’m not asking for you to believe I’m a psychic. I’m asking you to use your own moral compass and logic in the lineup of events as they’ve happened to evaluate the scenario through the lens that I propose. I think you’ll see what I see.

OUR DEMOCRACY HAS BEEN ATTACKED. Donald Trump is the weapon of choice and he’s still doing the work to destroy American civilization. It’s working. As long as people follow him and believe the lies he’s telling to rally up violence and misdirection in the public mindset, Russia is winning.

Families are being torn apart by the political divisions that this attack on Western democracy has inflamed and exacerbated. Russia didn’t create the corruption here in America, but they’ve definitely exploited it, and they’re growing it to the extreme. It is our job as citizens in this nation to temper the social flames of hate where we see them, or we are complicit in letting our civility burn to ashes. I’m just not willing to let it happen any longer.

For my daughter’s sake, I will keep announcing my rejection of Donald Trump and the hostile traitor that he is, no matter who is offended by it and no matter how many people try to tell me to keep my political opinions to myself. You can go to hell and I will go get a loudspeaker, thank you. There is no silencing this truth. It will come out.

Now, back to Hillary…

My vote for Hillary was not easily won either, I must confess. I am absolutely a proud Women’s Rights enthusiast, but in the 2016 Presidential race, I was an anti-establishment Bernie Sanders supporter, all the way. When Bernie lost the Democratic nomination, followed by the email leaks smearing Hillary and the DNC as involved in corrupt collusion, I had a hard time joining the Hillary club. To be perfectly honest, I found it especially irksome to be expected to support Hillary because I am a feminist woman. So I should vote with my vagina now? Is that what the women with the pussy hats are doing? Oh no. Not in my world. I definitely want to see a female president in my lifetime, and it would have been amazing to have the first female president elected the year my daughter was born, but I was ready to wait for the right woman to be elected. Elizabeth Warren, for instance, would have my vote in a heartbeat. Hillary, for some reason that I couldn’t quite identify and didn’t feel the need to explain, just didn’t seem trustworthy.

I spent the three months after the DNC nominated Hillary as their candidate mulling over my options as an active democratic voter in the 2016 election. Although Hillary didn’t fully embody the values that I personally ascribe to my candidate of choice, she definitely stood for more of my beliefs than Donald Trump did. In this polarized, Blue Team vs. Red Team American democratic election process, I knew that voting for Hillary would be, if nothing else, at least a vote against the Donald. That was good enough for me, at the time. It did seem important enough to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, to vote against him, at least. As voting day drew near, though, I was surprised to find that I actually learned to respect Hillary Clinton, and genuinely idealize her potential as a candidate for President. In her campaign, as ineffective as her message might have been to convince or motivate some important demographics, Hillary earned my trust. That’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Hillary’s career as a public figure has been long and hard. She first came to my attention when I was in elementary school, during Bill Clinton’s sex scandal impeachment proceedings, when poor Hillary was the butt of the international joke. What I respect about Hillary most of all is that she’s been able to keep her chin up and wear her graceful best for all these years, in spite of her scoundrel husband’s public misbehavior. She rose up from that position of being the wife Bill betrayed, to running for President in 2008, becoming the Secretary of State under her opponent Obama, and then running for President again in 2016. If Hillary has at least one thing going for her, it’s definitely some serious commitment to progress. I respect that.

While the pressing National issues of Sustainable Energy Conversion, Healthcare Reform, Student Loan Debt, access to Higher Education and unsustainable Wealth Inequality are huge markers to sway my vote, Hillary was way closer to alignment with my values than Donald Trump. The issues that most stood out to me in Hillary’s campaign were her focus on Mental Health advocacy, reducing Gun Violence, reforming our systemic address of Substance Abuse disorders, and general Education reforms that would have raised our youth to a deserved level of attention in society. Hillary’s platform, while it could have been more directly in favor of social reforms like a nationalized Healthcare System, was at least progressive. We would have seen positive growth in many necessary areas of American society under that plan. I actually believe that Hillary would have tried to build on the beginning of positive reforms that were initiated under Obama and carry them forward. While she might have been essentially in the pockets of many of the industrial partners who back the Democratic National Committee, like most successful politicians these days, she would have at least taken us forward as a nation, not backward.

I’ve had long standing discussions with left-wing extremist friends who completely reject the Two Party system, the “Lesser of Two Evils” mentality, and the notion of excusing a candidate for less than ideal political records. I have friends who are Socialists and see no reason why we should expect anything less in the United States. I’m almost there with them, and Bernie Sanders might have been as well, but I’ve always come back to the acceptance of our cyclical shifting between the two poles of the Left and the Right in large scale social politics — whether we like it or not, there are simply two major directions available to focus our social objectives — Forward or Backward. We either make progress, or we experience regressions like we’re seeing now, essentially embodying a civilization in decline. This is an oversimplified, Black and White way of analyzing our social climate, but sometimes it helps to reduce the fluff down to it’s essence. I take personal issue with the total dismissal of some very real and relevant alternative perspectives in some camps of radical social ideologies. I like to try to balance the scales in my perspective.

So, Hillary offered to carry us forward on the cart of social progress in some very important and pressing issues that she campaigned behind. I finally was able to see that she would do a lot of good for the American historical record that I would be passing on to my daughter. The one thing that Donald Trump was able to pull over her was the one thing that really mattered in the election of 2016 — the reason that I didn’t feel like I could trust Hillary by my unfiltered instincts — Hillary Clinton is a political establishment figure. Donald Trump, like Bernie Sanders on the Left, was the anti-establishment figure offered by the mainstream Right. He’s not a politician. He’s not even a successful businessman, despite the false narratives that he sells, and his Deplorables like to buy.

Our modern political establishment has lost the trust of the American people because it’s broken. It’s completely dysfunctional, let’s face it. The system of democratic election in the United States was corrupted and has been rotting from within since Citizens United destroyed the way that campaign finance was allowed to be conducted. Instead of voting for candidates solely based on their merits and the values that they represent, our election process became a game of buying the right frontman with enough cash poured into their campaign to do your political bidding, as an economic powerhouse. The common people of the US see the two major frontrunners who represent competing segments of the industrial economic complex presented as their options for their rights to be fulfilled. They get to pick, Red Team or Blue Team. Russia, very keenly, saw this as a golden opportunity to strike down Western Democracy while they have a chance to prove their age old argument for the superiority of Communism, since the common people are too stupid to trust with the authority to elect leadership. Obviously, they Trumped us on that one. They definitely went ahead and rigged the voting system too, as we’ll see the evidence prove shortly, but there are real people in America who voted for and still support Donald Trump — The Deplorables.

Donald Trump has never seemed to present like a genuine candidate for the American President, to me. From the earliest days when he was introduced as a Republican candidate, I’ve found it hard to believe that he should actually be taken seriously. Much harder still has been acceptance of him as the American President. Ha! I reject him, outright. As we’re seeing the news slowly release the truth behind his campaign corruption, it’s becoming clear that he hasn’t been much of a legitimate candidate after all. He’s a good crook, a cheap showman, and an irritating performer, like an itch that won’t go away. This is who the Deplorables elected for their President, a circus clown. This is who they’re still posting on social media about, defending his gross abuses of their rights. This guy:

So, what do we do with the Deplorables?

I will write a whole piece about this question, because I’ve been asking myself for some time. Who are these Deplorables and how did they become so incredibly misguided? I’m in their Facebook group, so I see who they are. They’re undereducated, struggling, insecure people who rely on their supremacist moral convictions to determine their social association with the Red Team, which they see as tried and true. It’s FEAR of the progress that they don’t understand that keeps them wracking their brains to find rationalization for the idiocy of the Red Team players, at this point. Fear is a powerful social manipulation tool. Fear of the Other is what Trump ran behind, and he rallied a huge pool of supporters with him. He offered to build a wall that would protect them, so they said, he’s our guy.

So, what’s the solution? How do we combat fear? How do we strengthen the social bonds of Americans and unite us again, against our common foreign adversary who wants to see our influence on the global stage unravel? What can we do to correct our mistakes and move forward in the right direction?

We have faith. We build on the common interests of our varying socio-political inclinations and we believe in the strength and commitment of each other to foster the good of the common people. We stop blaming each other. We don’t call names or celebrate flaws or missteps by our opponents. We play nice, like good kids. This is not so hard, really. It will involve a flexibility of acceptance and a whole lot of grace, but it’s not that hard, really. Just like I learned to trust Hillary and she earned my vote in the 2016 election, which I gave her with pride, I am willing to try to understand the mindset of the forsaken Americans who still support a Russian puppet as their leader. I would LOVE to understand what motivates them to do such a thing.

Thanks for reading.

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