Christianity or Buddhism, Islam or Hinduism, none of it really matters.
Timi Leppänen

You’re absolutely accurate — positive nihilism seems fitting. I agree, there is no right or wrong in the realm of existential philosophy, or religion, and our current stories are our best coping narratives to comfort the biological quandaries of shared reality. Thanks for taking the time to entertain the topic. I’ve enjoyed reading your response.

I have to add, though, that I prefer to lace my agnostic curiosity with more faith in forces beyond our conceivable perception- D/divine. Why? How? I can’t give you a better answer than this — I just know this isn’t all there is or will be. The physical dimension has its limits and we’re here for this life. When it ends, we transcend, I believe.

Any restriction from such a strong conviction is uncomfortably callous and cynical to me.

I share this based on a fairly recent Near Death Experience, followed by a long trial period of pretty complex depression. It’s simply too fucking depressing to restrict my soul to this bound body. I won’t ever try to squeeze my mind in here again, in effort to satisfy the communal doubts and scientific egotism of modern society. We don’t know anything!!!

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