{begin rant}

Okay, I’m no fan of HRC. I dislike her on policy. She is unacceptably hawkish, way too friendly with Wall Street, and not nearly hard enough on environmental issues. She changes positions to whatever is politically expedient and then shifts back to her default pro-corporate ways once public attention shifts. On a more personal note, she’s the sort of boomer corporate feminist that has always made my teeth itch, trying to claw power for women by playing the game as it has been set up by men.

That said, the idea that these facts could somehow compare to the absolute dumpster fire that is Trump is laughable. He’s an openly racist, mysoginistic asshole who brags about sexual assault. He’s dangerously temperamental. He has zero policy experience, zero experience with foreign or domestic policy, and a craptastic record in private sector business. How that could be seen as balancing against someone who is softer on fraking and big banks than one might like is…. Utterly mystifying.

And if your concerns about Hillary have anything to do with emails, Benghazi, or Bill, then for Christ sake grow the fuck up. She has been investigated 847 bazillion times on each of these from both sides of the aisle and nothing has ever come of any investigations. If you genuinely believe that, despite all of these investigations coming up clean, you have some secret special knowledge of what *really* happened and that you know she’s not trustworthy because of it, you are the worst sort of bias-confirmation conspiracy theorist. At this point, there would literally be NO evidence that could be produced to convince you of her innocence, which just means you’ve made up your mind regardless of evidence, and your opinion is no longer worth the time it takes to express.

{end rant}

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