Augmented reality will change the way we do business

While augmented reality has already been around for a while, this emerging technology is expected to continue hitting the headlines in 2017. This technology is clearly rapidly revolutionizing the established industries such as healthcare, architecture, manufacturing and education. There are many ways augmented reality is used in businesses like multiple product views, product demos, deals, “sneak peek” beneath the surface, real time information, interactive social media.

Augmented reality is one of the newer forms of strategies adopted by companies who view it as an ideal way of delivering persuasive messages to a technological minded audience. Therefore, there are many brands which follow technological trends and use augmented reality successfully, such as: Ikea (AR app supplemets catalogs with digital elements like décor galleries, new furnishings and craft ideas), Cadbury (AR app recognizes chocolate bar’s packaging and launches a game and many others.

Why augmented reality works? In a UK study, both traditional print and augmented reality marketing campaigns were tested on a children’s construction toy and the results were impressive. In traditional marketing parents spent 12 seconds viewing and/or interacting with each ad while in AR marketing it comprised 83 seconds. 74% of parents considered purchasing the toy after engaging with AR and only 45% purchased the toy after influence of traditional marketing. And finally, parents’ estimation of the retail price based on their print experience was $5.99 and AR experience — $7.99.

Moreover, when people touch or interact with a product, they establish an emotional bond with it which makes them more likely to buy it. That’s why there are many benefits of using AR mainly: greater interactivity, real-time information, tracking. It is clear that augmented reality can inject a playful, fun element into in any product. It adds a sense of excitement to the process which appeals to a greater number of customers. This is the aim of marketing.