How to make your guests happy

Restaurant owners agree that delivering the most satisfying services to their customers is not an easy task. With challenges such as customers waiting for a waiter to take an order, choosing a suitable dish and waiting for the order, a solution ought to have been established a long time ago. As a restaurant owner, you definitely want your business to thrive and be the best in the market. How do you do this? How do you ensure an ever-rising ‘flow rate’ of customers into the restaurant?

LOOKSAR, a tool that is built on AR (Augmented Reality), adds a very cool and engaging feature to restaurants’ menu. It is a platform that entertains customers as they wait to be served and therefore making then comfortable and more engaged with the restaurant and its products. No more restlessness!

Check out how it works on the menu below. To watch the hidden magic of this menu you should:

  • download LOOKSAR app from App Store or Google Play,
  • scan the QR-code next to the dish,
  • and point your device at the picture of the dish.

What steps do you take to make your own augmented menu?

  • Visit LOOKSAR;
  • Upload an image you have selected as your menu;
  • Upload your video;
  • Post the QR Code (provided by the platform) on the menu;
  • Use instructions provided to enable your customers to watch the video;
  • Choose the number of views you are anticipating to get. (500 views per month goes for $36);
  • Let you clients know that your product is augmented by creating a small poster with a menu holder on every table.

As simple as that, your product is augmented. It is up to the customer to download the LOOKSAR app, which is free of charge, scan the QR code available at the table and watch the video message which you personally crafted.

Restaurant owners can create their own Augmented Reality (AR) using LOOKSAR at very affordable prices. It is very simple to augment the menu using this platform. Clients become more engaged with your product items using this particular app. From kids’ entertainment to food quality issues, the app maintains a direct connection with the customers.

LOOKSAR assures you of multiple benefits. Engaging your customers into a direct communication with you and your product, creating a personal touch atmosphere adds to the perception of quality and trust to your product and last but not least it creates additional value because you not only entertain your customers but also help them learn. It is a win -win kind of a situation!

In other words, there is no losing with LOOKSAR. It is very affordable for most of the businesses even the small ones as it is cheap and has the potential to create more sales for you as the product owner.

LOOKSAR is a game changer! Embrace this technology and be sure to thrive in your restaurant business.

Check out the video at the link provided below to get a feel of LOOKSAR.