Magic in the bottle

or how to make your wine unique

In a world where the market is flooded with numerous industries, the wine industry needs something extra. It needs unique marketing solutions to make it stand out and survive in the market. The huge competition requires for non-standard and unconventional approaches to advertising and marketing. Timing and content are the two most important factors to consider when creating a market strategy. To be ahead of other brands, time and content have to sync.

Augmented Reality has been used in the market industry for close to a decade now. The downside to this technology was that the general public had a difficulty using it as there were almost no apps created with it. With the new marketing age, a new marketing feature should also be embraced. A technology that seeks more engagement and more product personalization is what is required today. A tool that makes AR simple, super affordable to use and creates a stronger connection between brands and customers. LOOKSAR is the new technology, the new tool to sell more.

LOOKSAR, a tool that is built on AR (Augmented Reality), works to improve the wine industry and ensures that the content and its delivery is done in the correct manner. This platform enhances the product, service and brand allowing you to embed your content on the bottle of wine and lets the customers access it whenever they are ready. As a product owner, you are able to establish a direct line of communication with the customer. With the bottle available to the customers, the content will always be at their disposal.

How do you engage your customers? By giving the content that personal touch. The content could be a winemaker’s personalized video featuring a story about the wine, where it grew, family that grew it or the area where it was grown. Personalization of the content is the key in ensuring a high number of sales.

To achieve a high success rate in any given business, strategies need to be set and followed. The wine industry is not any different. Your customers need to know the existence of your brand and what your brand entails. Delivering such interesting content to them ensures that a relationship is created. Another approach would be to add your clients to your social platforms such as Facebook thus creating a personal connection between you and your clients.

This is where LOOKSAR comes in. Based on augmented technology, your bottle is enhanced with your video.


What steps do you take?

  • Visit LOOKSAR,
  • upload an image you have selected as your bottle label,
  • upload your video,
  • provide your bottle’s barcode,
  • choose the number of views you are anticipating to get,
  • let your clients know that your product is augmented.

As simple as that, your product is augmented. It is up to the customer to download the LOOKSAR app, which is free of charge, scan the bottle’s bar code and watch the video message which you personally crafted on the bottle’s label.

Using LOOKSAR is different from scanning a regular QR code from the bottle and watching the same video from YouTube or the winemaker’s site. You need the physical product to get the information required so as to use the LOOKSAR app. Watching the video of a particular wine bottle creates a feeling that the particular bottle is specifically talking to you.

1. Download LOOKSAR app; 2. Scan QR Code 3. Point your device at the bottle’s label.

Brands, products and even people can create their own Augmented Reality using LOOKSAR at very affordable prices. It is very simple to augment your product using this platform. People become more engaged with your product when using this app and your business is assured higher sales through this.

LOOKSAR assures you of multiple benefits. Engaging your buyers into a direct communication with your product, creating a personal touch atmosphere adds to the perception of quality and trust to your product and last but not least it creates additional value because you not only entertain your customers but also help them learn. It is a win-win kind of a situation!

In other words, there is no losing with LOOKSAR. It is very affordable for most of the businesses even the small ones as it is cheap and it has the potential to create more sales for you as the product owner. Customers who download LOOKSAR app after purchasing your product and watch your video have an option of socially sharing it, liking it or making it their favorite.

You should definitely embrace the new marketing feature. It assures you of massive sales and product advertisement. Try LOOKSAR and see your business transform.