or how to make your product talk to your customers

It is no secret that augmented reality has enjoyed grand predictions of huge and fast growth into people’s everyday lives from a lot of IT gurus and industry top guns. And with some time passed it seems like AR is finally getting involved with a regular user. Many thanks to Pokemon GO — with this new game the technology is taking the planet by storm.

Many businesses are (and going to be) using Pokemon GO to attract new customers and sell more but they shouldn’t forget that interaction with their products will be an indirect circumstantial engagement based on presence of certain popular Pokemon creatures around or at their facilities. That will never produce a long lasting effect and proper customer engagement.

There is an alternative direct approach where a brand or product can easily create the augmented reality effect via LOOKSAR — a platform created to let a product communicate with its customers. It allows to embed a video message directly on the product for the customers to see and interact.

Augment your product with LOOKSAR

This project’s goal was to create a tool that can solve two problems:

1) make AR simple and super affordable to use so that brands can build their own AR in no time and with no hassle

2) connect products with customers via AR and let them communicate directly.

Here is the example.

Say, you are a winemaker and you sell wine. The huge competition requires a non-standard approach to advertising and marketing. Customer engagement is crucial. Wine tours and tastings are of huge importance. But how do you personalize and reach out from your vineyard in New Zealand to your customer in Belgium?

That is what LOOKSAR was built for. What does it do? It augments the wine bottle label and plays a video once you scan a bar/QR code of the bottle with the LOOKSAR app and point the gadget at the label.

What’s in the video? Something that will deliver tуe personal touch: communication. The winemaker can speak to a customer directly; the bottle can show where the wine grew, how, what food it is good with, etc.

1. Download LOOKSAR app and launch it; 2. Scan QR code. 3. Point your device at the bottle label.

Of course, you will buy the talking bottle rather than the silent one. Why? Because it is also fun to engage friends, to demonstrate, to talk about it.

LOOKSAR gives an option for a product owner to establish a direct line of communication and deliver all the right messages to a customer. And that is creating a personal touch.

With LOOKSAR things are different. You must watch the wine video by looking at the bottle, which creates a feeling that this particular product is talking to YOU, one-to-one. And that is what is important for brands and for people. You need a physical product to get information from, not just “Google it”.

So, LOOKSAR is a platform where brands, products, and people can create their own AR very easily, and it is very affordable. Not only brands can benefit from customer satisfaction and engagement, but also they can do a great thing for the tech community as well — get people to use AR on an everyday basis to add extra quality to our tech lives.

LOOKSAR is our own way to make marketing a bit more fun, to make products a bit more personal, and to engage people a bit more. See how it works for you or for your product and maybe it will add a little something to your business.