The mirror doesn’t lie but you do

A research states that people view themselves to be more attractive in mirrors than they actually do. Bear in mind that the mirror was not made with a feature to enhance your looks but when one takes a look in the mirror and thinks “Damn, I look good”, and then pull out their camera and snaps a picture then quickly delete it. For your information, there is nothing wrong with the mirror or your camera but I do say that there something wrong with you. Unintentionally, you lie to yourself. Our subconscious mind likes to play tricks on us and that’s why we should always keep it in check.

This article is not really about the mirror or your good looks but how we reflect and evaluate ourselves. When you reflect on your life, do you think things are going well and therefore start to progress at a slower pace than you should or think that everything is going not so well and therefore strive for constant improvement? I don’t mean that you should mummer and complain because that will lead to a miserable life but to be content with your current position, know you can do better and actually strive towards that.

Like in the mirror, if you fairly reflect and evaluate yourself, you can see your pimples, sores, and etc. then you can make necessary adjustments. You may not be eating the right food for your blood type; you may not be as active as you should and etc. Same applies with your life, you may not be as happy as you think; you are not doing what you actually love; living an insufficient life; etc.

Take some time, once a week or whatever and reflect, evaluate and make necessary changes. Don’t be quick to look for answers outside, reflect inward. It all begins with self.