To Those Who Don’t Like To Read

Words across a page are majestic in the sense that characters and words stringed together can paint an entire picture in your head. It’s a movie the way you want it to look but without the stress or creating your own story. The people and scenery are at the mercy of your imagination. Even the use of certain words in an order that you never thought could work is something to experience. The knowledge you can gain from reading a book is phenomenal and books are a secret garden of words and feelings and people that you uncover in a quest to indulge your intellectual mind. Yes, movies are wonders that allow you to observe a story visually, and interpret what the characters are doing but it’s in the perspective of someone else, in my opinion. You have a certain amount of control over how things are portrayed to you in a book as opposed to a movie, in which you forfeit any control over the story. I feel like I should explain that I love movies as a disclaimer, because my brain can’t conjure up graphic effects and things that exist beyond my daily life as well as a movie can, at times. I am also a person who enjoys quiet and serenity and that is part of what makes books more appealing than movies to me. There’s a certain independence in reading a book on your own that you don’t get from movies. Books have empowered my intellectual mind and allowed me escape into a world almost entirely my own. Books are something classical and not digital or the sole creation of someone else. Books the creation of the author who created the story and they leave its interpretation and the way it’s imagined entirely up to the reader. A book doesn’t have to hide behind visual effects and graphics to be powerful. Books remain classic in a world that is advancing technologically every day.

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