How to Loop YouTube Videos on Mobile Devices?

Install Loop2Learn App

Open the YouTube video that you want to loop. Apart from YouTube loop, Loop2Learn can also be used for saved videos on your device or videos from any compatible website.

Select for Looping…

Using the Start and End buttons, select that specific part of the YouTube video that you want to put on loop. Loop2Learn YouTube repeater will now put that section of the video on repeat.

Or Set Loop Manually

You can set the start and end time of the loop manually also for more precise settings.

Make Desired Adjustments

Loop2Learn YouTube loop allows you to change the tempo (speed up or speed down) of the selected loop without affecting the pitch. You can shift the entire loop forwards or backwards, and even select the number of times you want the loop to repeat itself.

Save the Loop

Loop2Learn YouTube repeater allows you to save the loop with all its settings for later use.

YouTube Looper App is Coming Soon for iPhone & Android Platform

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