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3 min readNov 28, 2023

Mission statement: We built Loop Messenger to be the most effective messaging solution (More organized, less noise!) available on the market, but our deeper purpose is to be a catalyst to unite people behind sensible positions. From there our intention is to use our collective influence in civic engagement to bring about comprehensive transformation in government representation.

Unlike most other tech companies and their founders who are driven by greed and ego, we are dedicated to fostering change for the betterment of society. We will always be bold, transparent, and take clear stances on the positions we adhere to.

Plan: We have a clear step-by-step plan to implement change in our government and society:

  1. Assemble users who support our mission and sensible principles and positions.
  2. Grow: Encourage your business networks, teams, family, and friends to become part of Loop. A more extensive community amplifies our collective influence.
  3. Recruit: Leverage the collective influence of our supporters to attract an all-new generation of candidates with integrity and who pledge support to our positions. We are agnostic to party affiliation; any candidate Republican, Democrat or Independent who commits to support our mission is a viable candidate.
  4. Communicate: Prior to and during election cycles, regularly communicate with our users about the candidates who commit to our positions.
  5. Mobilize & Vote: Encourage our community to vote-out legacy representatives from government. As my father often said, “Throw all the bums out!”
  6. Change: Support our newly elected leaders in passing legislation that addresses existential threats and promotes a flourishing, free society.

Why it matters: Over recent decades, the pillars of fairness, values, and integrity have eroded, leading to stark divides in our society and across the globe.

Root causes: From special interest groups to politicians, social tech giants, media outlets, and even foreign governments, all have played a part in deepening the chasm of division among society.

Our power: As a community united behind sensible principles and positions, we possess strength at scale. By leveraging our collective influence, we can effect significant change in our representation and the direction of our society. “Don’t hope for a better future, vote for one”

Let’s do this: Join us?

  1. Read our Principles and Positions
  2. Download Loop Messenger for iOS, Android or MacOS (Windows coming).
  3. Introduce your business networks, teams, family and friends to Loop. It is especially awesome for group messaging.

Additional resources:

  1. Subscribe to TK-Talks, our Founders Youtube channel
  2. Follow us on Twitter | X @loopmessenger
  3. Visit our website at www.loopmessenger.com
  4. User support: support@loopmessenger.com

“We deeply value your perspective and believe in the power of constructive input. Please share your feedback and suggestions to enhance the mission. Your voice matters to us!”

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