50 GIFs, 50 States

At LooseKeys we are often working on side projects and in-house projects. They range from animated shorts, comics, illustrations, and GIFs. These projects are incredibly important for the company culture, they allow us to flex our creativity and showcase our non-client work. In some cases this may lead us to finding new work and opportunities.

Ethan Barnowsky is the man behind many of the clever GIFs you see coming out of LooseKeys. Each week he creates a new, original GIF that is shared on our Tumblr and he also kicks out versions with music on his Instagram. So be sure to follow both if you want to see them every week.

The only trouble with GIFs is that after you make them and post them online, they will often get lost in the overwhelming world of content. To combat that to some degree, Ethan worked with Sergio Salgado to put together a page that made it easy to find the entire 50 state GIFs set that he created, all in one place.


Ethan likes to create themed GIFs; he started with beer GIFs, then he moved onto states and now he’s currently crafting them based on his social media contacts suggesting random words. The 50 states was a fun experiment that allowed him to learn a bit more about some of the less popular and populated states and then come up with some imaginative ways to represent them. I think he was able to achieve a pretty difficult task, he created something that no matter where you might live, you’d be proud to share your states GIF.

Be sure to take a look at the site, and keep an eye on everything LooseKeys is sharing to see the latest GIFs.

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