Celebrating 6 Years!

The beginning of May kicks off the 6th year of business for LooseKeys. The 5 year milestone was pretty impressive but it flew by and now we’re already celebrating our 6th year. Starting this small creative business has taught us so many lessons over the years and this past year has really pushed us to our limits. The story of LooseKeys continues on and no good story is without a few bumps and wrong turns along the way.

Looking back at when Brad Chmielewski went full-time with LooseKeys in May of 2011 and then when Jake Williams started in June of 2012, we were an adaptive, true mobile business and we’d work anywhere and everywhere. Anywhere there was wifi and some coffee that was the LooseKeys office. By the time Ethan Barnowsky joined the team full-time in August 2014, we had staked our claim at the Bomkamp co-working space in the west loop of Chicago. In late 2015, we made a big leap and moved into our own storefront office space in Roscoe Village. Maeve Price has been there with LooseKeys every step of the way, maybe not in the office every day but as a vital partner and teammate to this small crew. These 4 friends are the designers, illustrators, animators, editors, producers and writers you see behind each and every video we post.

Over the last few years, really not much has changed with the team and this may not be the path every business takes but it’s the one that has worked for us.

In these six years we have created over 200 videos for clients and have seen the landscape of online video marketing change drastically. We’ve worked on a ton of awesome projects for a wide range of clients all across the globe. Whether it’s a client project or an in-house video, we’re always being creative and seeing what new stories we can tell.

As LooseKeys begins our 6th year in business, we’ve been making a shift to do more than just the explainer videos you’ve seen from us over the years. Hopefully this year you’ll see music videos, more animated shorts, commercials, show openings and branding packages… among other projects. LooseKeys has become more than an explainer video company and we really have grown into an all-purpose animation studio. This skilled team is incredibly creative and no matter what project comes across our desks, we’re ready to tackle it.

Thank you everyone for the support over the years. Hopefully you’re enjoying seeing everything we’ve been working on because there is a lot more to come.

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