How Are Our Clients Using Our Videos?

You may have noticed the crazy, huge amount of online video content out there these days. Everyone has realized how valuable video is for websites and social engagement. It makes sense because video is an easy way to share information, bring attention and capture people’s interest. There are so many uses for video and at LooseKeys we work with a wide range of clients with different needs for why they are looking to use video in their marketing. Having the opportunity to work with different clients and brands allows us to really showcase our creative skill set.

Before the project even begins, the entire team makes sure they know the needs of the client and the goal of the video. A video you’re making for a trade show may not need a ton of jokes and when creating a video for Snapchat, we’re sure to pay attention to the format.

These are a few ways some of our clients are using the videos we create. They may also end up using these for other marketing materials as well, which is what makes video so powerful. Having the ability to get your name in front of customers, clients and investors, no matter where they are or the platform they are using.

How It Works

The How It Works video is perhaps the most popular Explainer style video you see. This video will often live on a business homepage or their website to educate visitors on how the service works.

A fun and bright colored video for TasteBud to explain to their college focused audience how it works and the benefits.
Healthcare is complicated. Using animation allows us to have fun with the setting and makes the audience feel at ease.

Business 2 Business

The B2B type video is something that the average person may never see. These are focused on one business educating or pitching another business on what they do.

There’s a lot of moving pieces in the healthcare industry and it’s generally not something many people understand. A well crafted video like this one for Emmi allows them to have something they can quickly and easily show to clients.

Product Launch

A video announcing the launch of a new project is always important. This type of video allows customers to see how the product works, what the features are and how much it will cost. These videos are often just longer form commercials. A product launch video might be used in-store, as part of a press release or even for the landing page of a website.

Not only did this video for Boxee help launch their new Boxee TV but it also played in stores at Walmart to help customers understand what they were about to be purchasing.


In store marketing drives a lot of interest and keeps customers informed. Most businesses today have a number of screens around their store or place of business and there’s no better time to advertise to your audience then when you know they are already actively engaging with your service.

BMO has a number of television screens in their locations and they always make sure to inform customers of their latest offers.

Broadcast Commercial

A television commercial is something many brands look to produce, whether it’s a 30 or 60 second commercial spot, it shows that you are a brand to be taken seriously. With a commercial you can also reach a larger audience that may have never heard of you before.

A version of this ad for BodyShopBids aired on television in the Midwest. This is a perfect example of how a longer form Explainer video can easily be shortened and turned into a commercial.

Mobile Marketing

The mobile space is where you can have a little more fun and often take a risk. With mobile you can also get away from the normal widescreen video format and try something vertical for Snapchat or even the app store.

These were a series of Snapchat ads that we created for Goose Island to help showcase their beer Sofie.
Having a video in the app store for when a customer first downloads your app is key. With a quick video, you can have the audience understanding your app better than any amount of text ever will.

Company Announcement

Announcing milestones and important updates about a business looks so much better than a standard PR announcement. You also have a better chance for the information to be shared or picked up by a news outlet.

Announcing a change like becoming a B Corp is huge! We worked with Fetzer Vineyards for this video that went out to the press, employees and helped reach a new audience that wants to feel good about what they consume.

Trade Shows & Events

Videos for trade shows and events are incredibly fun to work on. They range in sizes and length and often have the added challenge of making sure the audience can understand them without audio. uses videos with everything they do and it’s always important to understand going into a project with them where the video might be played or shared.


Videos for internal use are requested frequently but it’s not something we can show off very often. These videos sometimes have sensitive company information in them and we are asked not to let others view the video. We’ve worked on videos that range from new employment benefits, company training, onboarding, sales figures and employee surveys. Unfortunately, we can’t show any of this work but here are a couple stills from one that we recently finished.


Videos used to educate the general pubic are growing in popularity and are a great way to show that you care. These videos are often done in a series because they contain a lot of information. The audience is also more likely to watch a longer video when they know they aren’t just being sold a service but given valuable information as well.

This was a large series of videos that we created for the National Safety Council to help celebrate their 100 years of Safety.

Viral Video

It’s often many businesses goal to create a viral video. They have the potential to reach a very large audience and can have a real impact. These types of videos range from the social minded to the humorous. A viral video takes a lot of planning and a good amount of luck but if it can be pulled off, it can be a huge hit.

Social change is a great use for a viral video! When you get enough people behind an issue, real change happens.
Humor was the goal with this video for Not only did it poke fun of it’s own industry but it was something the average consumer could relate to easily.

All these videos were produced by the team at LooseKeys and are just a small sample of how some of our clients use the videos we create for them. Clients have also used our videos to pitch investors, kick-start new products and have even shown them in movie theaters in the pre-film advertising section. If you’re looking for a team to tackle your next video, let us know! We’d love to be the ones you trust to tell your story.