Make Your Content Unique & Tell Your Own Story

Standing out from the crowd is challenging at times, and can also be a bit scary. It’s much easier to see what’s working and follow the trends. However, the people and businesses that do that, you often don’t hear much about after awhile. Following everyone else is one way just to blend in.

One way businesses can stand-out is by telling their own story. You might be following trends with your marketing efforts, but if you forget all that and go back to your primal instincts of sitting around a fire and sharing a great story with your tribe, you’ll have a more prolonged success.

If your business is telling the same story as your competitors, there is essentially no way to stand out. By following them or copying them, you’ll always be one or two steps behind them as they move forward onto the next thing.

When you get your content in front of potential customers, they are more likely to skip over it because they have seen something like that before. Our brains do an excellent job at knowing when we’ve heard something before and then quickly determining the outcome before we finish watching or reading it. Which means that explainer video you made that looks just like the competitors isn’t going to be as effective. Why would someone watch your video if they have already seen the same sales pitch from the other guy?

We are all bombarded with an extreme amount of content every day. 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute so if your video looks like 50 other videos uploaded that day, what’s going to make someone watch your video or even hire your business over someone else?

With storytelling, you have so many different ways to get your message across and reach your potential customers. Your personal story is always going to be different than even your most fierce rivals, so use that to your advantage when marketing.

We’re very familiar with explainer video trends at LooseKeys. A few years ago everyone was beginning their video with “Meet Sam,” “This Is Emily,” “Meet Betty,” or “Say Hi to Carol.” This opening line quickly became ineffective because it just seemed like every other video out there repeated the same format and it became stale. Plus, you were wasting precious seconds on viewers attention for an introduction that wasn’t needed.

The theme of most explainer videos are similar; someone is having trouble with x. And if they simply get this service then life will be changed forever. Everyone knows before they hit play that they are likely going to be sold this world changing service before it starts. These videos are effective for getting users to learn more but what if you could also capture them with a more distinct story? By capturing their interest, you’re more likely to stick out in their mind over a competitor.

At LooseKeys we’ve found some unusual ways of telling businesses stories over the years. We were able to show the life of treated wood through the lens of a day spa, the importance of dental hygiene through a wacky dentist and even the necessity of proper vision with an animated video for Lions Clubs International focusing on schooling in third world countries.

These videos were entertaining and also told in an unconventional way. There was no mention that with one little app or visit to a website all your problems are solved. And these stories work! With the video for Madison Wood, they came to us because they knew their industry was a bit bland and were wanting something to stand out from their competition. The LooseKeys image and track record brought them to us because we are a bit unusual ourselves.

Original content will be considerably more useful than content from stock images or stock animation. We’re shoved so much content into our face daily, and if it looks the same as all the rest, then we’re going to skip over it.

Even looking back on films that get released with similar subjects, like Finding Nemo & Shark Tale, it’s likely you recall Finding Nemo a bit more. That is if you even saw Shark Tale. Or Rookie of The Year & Little Big League, you’re going to recall one over the other, not both. Both of these movies were about a 12-year-old boy getting involved in major league baseball, one of them could have easily been a girl and differentiated themselves. Instead, they followed what was safe and predictable and what they thought would sell.

At Pixar, we do sequels only when we come up with a great idea, and we always strive to be different than the original. — John Lasseter

Brad Chmielewski, owner of LooseKeys has done a great job with this for his content for Vainglory. He has a YouTube channel showcasing gameplay footage, something anyone can easily do and many do. But, what Brad also does is provide interviews, news, beer reviews and montages that push his channel beyond just another video game channel. It’s video content that is unique to his channel, and sure people can copy, but they don’t have the history or story he has from building it. Making his work on YouTube distinctive and more valuable in the long run.

Businesses see the value in creating more and more content but make sure that you do it right. Maybe you don’t have the budget to create a high-quality video at this moment, if that’s the case then don’t make a video right now. A poorly executed video is just going to hurt the image of your business.

Wait until you can spend a little more money for a remarkable video that will be memorable and stand out from the competition.

If you need help telling that story, let us know at LooseKeys. We pride ourselves on being exceptional storytellers who aren’t afraid to attack a problem from a new angle.