More Video In The Apple App Store

This past week at WWDC, Apple introduced a redesign for their App Store. This is one of the biggest updates since its launch nine years ago and boy does it look great. As the app store has grown it’s become increasingly hard to find new applications. Right now 1 in 4 app users discovers an app through search. So when they find the app how do they get a good understanding of how it works? The reviews help and the screen shots are ok but the biggest way to convert someone into downloading the app they’ve stumbled across is to show them how it works.

50% of all installers make a decision only based on your pages first impression. That gives you about 3–5 seconds to capture their attention. Having good content like video can make it so that the new visitor isn’t going to leave so quickly.

When someone can see how the application is working or see the game in action, they are much more likely to download it and much quicker to understand how it works after it’s installed. This means that visitors who engage with your video have more potential of becoming high value users. Adding a video will often shift some of the attention further away from your screenshots, so your designer might be a little disappointed. However, adding video is likely to increase the overall exploration of your page and now with this newer, better designed pages from Apple, it’s likely we’ll see people spending a bit more time browsing.

We worked with Pairade on a video for their app that helped users through the on-boarding process after the app was installed but this video also was in the app store for the app as well. It’s since been removed because they have changed their interface but at launch it was a huge success. It helped users see the type of content they could engage with and it helped quicken their pace on the learning curve. Pairade’s interface is a little different and it’s always nice to have a quick guide to understand how it works so you don’t get frustrated and quit like many people did with Snapchat.

All the video marketers out there should be paying attention to this announcement because this means there’s opportunity for creating more videos.

Apple tripled the number of videos on each app page. Now you’ll clearly be able to see how an app works or a game is played. It was at WWDC 14 that Apple first introduced the ability to add a video to a page and it was a welcome addition… something that should have happened a couple years before. Apple understands the power of video and having the ability to showcase more is going to really help some apps and games stand out.

What makes these videos in Apple’s App store so great is how quickly they load and play. How often have you tried to load a mobile video from YouTube and waited while it loaded the high res version or even played an ad first. App Store videos are mobile friendly, giving you the right video for the device you are using. Which means less waiting and more consuming content.

Some things to note when first creating your video or videos is that you’re limited to 30 second pieces. This is good because it keeps you from going overboard with your videos; you have to get to the point quickly. That’s why you’d often see trailer type videos in the app store for games. So keep that in mind when thinking about what you need to showcase in each one of your videos because 30 seconds can go by quickly.

If your application is natively vertical, don’t be afraid to make your video vertical. There is simply no reason to showcase a video about your application in a horizontal video, it’s just too small for people watching on their phone to see what’s happening. In the video above for Pairade, we exported these out horizontally only for us to share in posts like this where it looks better and we’re not trying to convert the viewer to the app.

When making your videos for your app don’t just do a one-take screen capture. Instead think about the reason why you watch an app store video.

A couple years ago Square introduced Cash and there video played in the app store, it was fun, bright and quickly explained how it worked.

Test and try different types of videos in the app store, just like you do with screenshots. You might be surprised with what works and it may help drive some of your other video marketing in the future.

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