Rewind & Remix Your Way Into Toon Talk Weekly

The team at LooseKeys is incredibly creative. Outside of the office they produce podcasts, streams, create GIFs, do stand-up and write. These types of outside activities inspire the team and help them to create better work when they are at the office.

The marketing explainer videos you typically see from LooseKeys are creative, unique and have a purpose. However, this is simply one type of video skill we possess in our diverse creative Swiss army knife. Highlighting some of those other tools has been a goal for us moving forward. One project that allowed us all to flex our creative muscle and showcase what else we can do is in creating the show open for Toon Talk Weekly.

Toon Talk Weekly was the brainchild of Brad Chmielewski and Jake Williams. After a night of consuming a couple of drinks, the idea was hatched. The concept was simple, explore a new / different cartoon each week and record our thoughts and opinions about it. The audio podcast launched in July of 2013, and has since recorded over 185 episodes. Wanting to expand the reach of the podcast and also wanting to showcase LooseKeys ability to create show openings, Brad and Jake thought it was time to take the podcast into the realm of video.

To make this happen we needed a show open that captured the adventures from the podcast. Which in this case was many different cartoons. With each episode, listeners are transported into a discussion about a different story and animation style.

That was the goal of the show open, capture those fun but strange moments that can happen when you are thrust into a new cartoon. Not having rights to use any of these cartoons or images, the goal was to create some-sort of remix.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

So we went about rearranging, combining and adding with the hope that we would create something entirely new. In no way can LooseKeys take credit for the great cartoons used in this show open, the hope with the show open was to have enough popular cartoons that someone watching would know what they might be in store for when they start watching or listening to Toon Talk Weekly.

By taking the idea of combining these worlds where you may see Dexter with a Crystal Gem as the cartoon version of Brad and Jake run across the scene, we were able to utilize the remix culture that has exploded in the last 10 years. It’s said that we live in the age of the remix, why not embrace it?

The process for creating the intro was a collaborative effort to show just what it feels like to listen to the podcast. Sometimes it’s wacky, often times it probably doesn’t make sense, but no matter what cartoon world we’re talking about, we’re having a blast doing it. We wanted the show intro to first and foremost capture that idea of having fun watching cartoons. — Jake Williams

When we first were brainstorming a concept for this show opening we kicked around the idea of redrawing these scenes and characters. That idea was quickly squashed due to time constraints and then our thoughts drifted towards this remix approach because we figured we would take advantage of what has already been created. That’s the point of Toon Talk Weekly anyway, to showcase a new cartoon and hopefully introduce a few people to a new favorite they haven’t heard of before.

Taking a fresh perspective on the original cartoons is what the podcast is all about and hopefully as a studio we were able to capture that in this short 45 second animated show open. And if any of these cartoons want to in return put Brad or Jake into their world, we wouldn’t mind.

A new episode of Toon Talk Weekly is released every Tuesday, so be sure to check it out and get ready for the video version coming soon.

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