Video Advertising is More Than Just 16x9 Video

It’s time we all stop romanticizing about the 16x9 size format. You should be able to create and watch a video in the most appropriate size for that piece and platform.

Film has been the gold standard forever, many of us watched the television transition from 4x3 to 16x9. It was a great move for the medium and allowed television to be taken as seriously as film.

Then the mobile phone rolled out and we quickly saw them take the shape of a 16x9 screen, just so you could watch video on them without any of the picture getting cut off. Unless you’re sitting down to watch a video on your phone, most people don’t even bother rotating their device. Snapchat embraced this with vertical video and now it’s something many advertisers are doing. Instagram even proved that square video was engaging and it’s proven that square videos outperform other video formats on Facebook.

Still, what each one of these platforms and devices did was force us all into using the size they wanted us to use or in Instagram’s case, the size that was most optimal for their interface. This week YouTube decided to change all of that.

Announced during VidCon, the YouTube mobile app will dynamically adapt to whatever size you choose to watch it in. That means if you’re watching a vertical, square or horizontal video, the YouTube player will seamlessly adapt itself, filling the screen exactly the way they should. Vimeo did something similar where an uploader could toss differently sized video into the service and have a unique player size.

The Vimeo audience just isn’t as big as YouTube and it’s doubtful many people knew this was something they could do. With 1.5 billion viewers visiting YouTube every month, this new feature is going to be seen and taken advantage of often.

If you’re making videos for YouTube (every business should be), imagine when your video plays, the interface on the YouTube mobile app slightly adjusting to your video. The movement will catch the viewers attention. This feature is also important for brands that make videos for SnapChat and Instagram Stories but still want to post them on YouTube. When someone goes from one video to another on your channel, the video will always be the focus and they won’t have to squint, scale or even rotate their mobile device to see the action.

If you’ve been reluctant to create a vertical video or even a non-standard format, now is a perfect time to try something new. Advertising today is all about experimenting and seeing what’s going to catch people’s attention, the 30-second commercial is going away and you should be ready for what’s next. We are here at LooseKeys to help you create that next eye-catching video for your YouTube channel.

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