Why In-House Projects Are So Important

Since LooseKeys launched in 2011 we have made in-house projects an important part of the company. Our first big in-house project that we created was our holiday animation in 2013 called, Eugene Bear’s First Christmas.

This project was something we saw a huge return on, not only from new clients and positive feedback but also from our own personal gratification. Having a personal project really makes you push yourself to do the best work possible. Of course we try to make videos we create for clients as good as we possibly can but the hardest client to please is always yourself. Often times you are never happy with your own work. That’s why every year since the first holiday video in 2013 we have released another holiday video and each time they have improved, not only with the story but with animation and illustration as well.

A Christmas video is perfect for an in house project because its an excellent time to release a video since clients, friends and family are accustom to getting happy holiday emails and cards. There is often a lighter work load around the holidays since many people at agencies and companies have long vacation days so we’re able to dedicate a little extra time to the video.

In 2014 we decided to release two in-house videos, one for Christmas and one for Halloween.

This Halloween video helped us flex our illustration skills as well as see if we could tell a story without any voice over. I think we succeeded in our goal.

We released a video this year for National Donut Day. This was the first time we have created an animated short that wasn’t for a big holiday (although Jake Williams probably feels National Donut Day is a very important holiday).

All of these videos are important to us because they allow us to show our creativity. Marketing firms and Agencies will often create videos to promote themselves but a video celebrating donuts doesn’t promote LooseKeys. What it does is show off the work we can do and then maybe as a result someone will hire us for an animation. It really is just something we wanted to make because we love animation and storytelling.

The love of the craft is what an in-house project shows. Taking time away from work that makes us money shows that this is something we truly love at LooseKeys. We are always tossing around new ideas here at the office so be sure to keep an eye out for more short animations coming in the near future.

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