You Only Have 8 Seconds

Cutting through all the noise with marketing is a challenge and it’s getting harder and harder. Right now you have about 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention before they are going to swipe to the next video or click onto the next article. That probably sounds a bit terrifying that the thing you’ve been working on for hours, weeks or months could never even get to its intended audience.

I know that it’s likely you’ve already been distracted and clicked away from this post. For those who are still reading, hopefully, I can share some tips on how we at LooseKeys capture attention with explainer videos and what you should look for in the creation of your next video.

Get Right To The Good Stuff

When creating content, especially explainer videos, don’t yammer on with a lengthy introduction. This isn’t a five-course meal, consumers are here for the main course, so give it to them. Within those first 8 seconds, if you didn’t explain the problem that you’re solving or what you have to offer then that viewer is gone.

If they are intrigued in those first few seconds then they are going to stick around and likely watch the whole video and there’s a very good chance of them signing up or choosing to buy.

Don’t Waste Time With Introductions

Early on in creating explainer videos the trend was to begin casually with the video by introducing someone relatable, the lines “Hey, This Is Sam” or “Meet Fran” were how many videos started. We also fell into this trap but really though, there is no reason to bother. The viewer wants to know why they should be watching, not thinking hey, she looks like me I must need this product.

Keep It Short

How many of you while reading this have heard the notification of an email or had an alert pop up on a phone? Distractions are everywhere for viewers but once they’re past those initial 8 seconds, there’s a good chance of the viewer watching the full video. Unless this video is for an active user and not an introduction video, it’s not likely they are going to stick around to watch 25 minutes. Try to have all the information fit into one minute and then you can have a second video that’s a bit longer that dives into more features. The sooner you can get the viewer to the call to action or another piece of content you offer, the sooner you’ll have a new user.

You need to let them know that your video is enough to give them just what they needed to know but in the shortest possible time.

Unique Style

Explainer videos, especially animated ones offer the option to do anything and have it look any way you want. The videos we create at LooseKeys look distinct, we try to find a new style or a different way to approach every video we create. It’s incredibly easy for someone to buy stock artwork from a site and pump out a templated format. The content might be there but that video will look just like thousands of other videos on the internet. Your video needs to stand out from all the others in order to capture attention.

Skip The Hard Sell

Everyone today is a savvy consumer. Most people know when they are being marketed to and everyone is being marketed to almost at every turn on the internet. The quickest thing we hit ignore on or disregard is hard-sell advertisements like banner ads or commercials. It may seem like the best option when you need to get the user’s attention is to start by flashing “FREE” or “BYOB” or “EXCITING OFFER”. The reality is that this is the quickest way for someone to know they want to skip the content.

Instead, keep it casual. Conversations work with explainer videos. The person watching your video wants to be informed, not bombarded with sales pressure. Even if they don’t sign up right away, you can plant an earworm. Your video explained why you are the best cyber security option and when the thought comes up in a few weeks or a year from now, the viewer might recall the video they saw.

A Fancy Thumbnail

Finally, when we upload a video we try to pick a thumbnail that will get people’s attention. With the videos we post we’re looking for an interesting moment in the animation because we want potential clients to get excited about our quality of work. For your business, you may want to pick a thumbnail or even have one created that showcases the product or service in action.

If you can’t even grab a potential viewers attention enough to press play, how do you expect them to watch for more than 8 seconds?

If you did make it to the end of this post, thank you for sticking with me. Hopefully, this gave you some insight into the thought process at LooseKeys and what you should be thinking about when you have your next explainer video created.