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Loot Fish
2 min readSep 8, 2021


LootFish is a collection of beautiful, exotic, and deflationary ERC-721 fish swimming on the Avalanche C Chain. There are 10,000 LootFish, which come in 90+ different species and 6 different types.

All fish can be burned to yield either $AVAX or the $LFS LootFish token. Burning a Loot Chest yields 5 AVAX, while burning a fish yields 5$LFS. In the future, you will be able to purchase decorations for your fish tank using $LFS.

How to Burn Your ERC-721 LootFish

  1. Go to the Avalanche C Chain explorer and look up the LootFish contract address: 0x8372530bc1c3eF2739213059b113C76e143bc25d.

2. Navigate to the Write Contract tab

3. Connect MetaMask. Enter the id of the fish you wish to burn and hit Write.

How to Add $LFS to MetaMask

Go to MetaMask -> Assets. Click add token and paste the official $LFS contract address, to be published shortly after launch.

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Loot Fish

10000 deflationary fish swimming on the Avalanche C Chain.