Lethal Bet Patch Notes: 1.01

Hey guys, Larothion from Lethal Bet here! Today we pushed out a big balancing patch and wanted to fill you guys in on the changes. For now on you’ll be able to see these changes on our Facebook or Twitter so definitely follow us there to stay in the loop (we’ll be doing promo codes from time to time on there as well) (:

Patch 1.01

Removed gold from Vaults: The first thing we did is remove the ability to obtain gold by opening Vaults (besides the Iron Vault). We felt that allowing players the ability to get half, and sometimes even more, gold than they went in with was too overpowering and was a contributing factor to why several players have over 1 million in gold… yeah, 1 million. A big shout-out to Dragonsong for all of the very useful feedback here. However, we still wanted there to be some sort of gold/vault interaction which is why we made the next change.

Changed Cutpurse’s ability: We changed the Cutpurse’s ability from “giving the player 40% extra gold in the vaults” to now “The Cutpurse steals gold for the player while going through the vaults”. This change was made so that players can still obtain gold while going through the vaults, just as long as the Cutpurse is with them. This not only makes the Cutpurse that much more valuable, but also gives better clarity to the player what he is actually getting them.

Increase to Bronze Vault Trophies: We increased the amount of trophies players will get in the Bronze Vault on average by about 20%. This is to reflect there being no gold without the Cutpurse and also to get rid of those “10 trophies #feelsbadman” moments.

Silver Vault and Amulets: We’ve increased how difficult it is to get the amulets in both the Vaults and the Marketplace. The Talisman Quest was meant to be a difficult goal reserved only for those who really put in the effort to obtain it. However we’ve had several users that, only a week in, had already gotten all 3 amulets. To reflect these changes, we’ve upped the rewards users get in the Master Vault. We’ve also made it so that when the amulets do pop up in the Marketplace, they are there for up to 6 hours. This is because of how rare they will be going forward, and we want to give all players the chance to obtain them!

Followers Pricing: After some feedback, we have lowered the pricing of all 3 followers to $6.99 (down from $9.99). Followers are very strong, however we felt that they didn’t provide enough value at the old $9.99 pricing. Going forward we hope they will now be more appealing.

Energy Shield: Last but not least we have the real cause for players being able to achieve more than 1 million gold. We knew the Energy Shield was strong going into the Beta, but what we didn’t account for was how often some players would be obtaining them. We have decided to change the Energy Shield to protect 50% of a players gold wagered down from 100%. We are still testing this particular item and are open to additional changes in the future, but hope this change will keep the shield strong while not making it overpowered.

That’s all the changes for now guys! A big thanks to everyone involved with the Lethal Bet | Beta and for everyone’s support. If you have any other feedback or suggestions definitely feel free to reach out at support@lethalbet.com. See you guys in the Arena!

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