Sneak Peek: Loot Goals

We’ve all been there: talking about an unforgettable adventure we’re planning. Showing off to our friends. Dreaming about who we will meet. Pinning countless photo’s on our Pinterest boards. And then, as if all of a sudden — two years have passed. And all we have to show for it is a picture posted in 2014 on Instagram, captioned ‘#dreaming’.

This is the story of my life.

But, something which could probably be avoided. There must be a simple and cost-effective way to reach our goals?

Can you feel me edging towards a feature announcement?

You got me. Let me introduce you to Loot Goals.


Loot Goals is the place you can isolate a sum of money. This is a feature designed for short term savings goals i.e. a holiday to Spain or a new pair of trainers. With our first release, you can create a goal, deposit money (separate from your total balance) and then withdraw when you are ready to spend.

What’s more, each goal can be personalised with a photograph of your choice.

Time to do it. Rather than just dream it!

Loot is launching 25,000 accounts from October. Sign up to our waiting list for early access.

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