Let’s talk about Internet Marketing

We more often hear about internet marketing these days. Internet marketing has become popular over the years, now a big question arises what is this all about and what it includes. What are its pros and cons?

Internet marketing comes under a digital marketing umbrella. The channels it includes, website, SEM, SEO, Social Media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, Email marketing. As the technology has highly developed, business organizations took the advantage of it and promote their products and services to the world by using the power of the internet. Branding is becoming increasingly vital in the online world. Branding reliability is tremendously important in how you correspond, what you communicate while doing online business.

Pros of Internet Marketing (IM)

· The major factor always is the consideration for business organization is the cost involved while doing the promotion of the product, IM is a low cost strategy for promotion, There is no need of a big investment to be done for business of any kind whether it is ecommerce or not.

· If you wanted that your business should reach to every corner of the world, then it is the best way. It is not limited to any specific horizon, but can reach to wider audiences for successful business.

· If you want to target the potential customers, then it leads you to reach them easily.

· Now days, payments can be collected online also. If you are doing any online shopping or availing any service, you can pay the money online.

· The availability of your product is 24/7 i.e. online marketing or your advertisement is available all the time, not like physical shops which are available for a limited time. Customer can order any time and form any place.

· Time and money both are saved and helps you to boost sales also.

· Mobile technology is used by every second person in the world. Mobile marketing is all about creating content accessible on mobile devices. These days we are also making responsive sites which are viewable on any device. Mobile friendly ads also display the location and place of the required shop nearby.

· Email marketing is one of the best media by which we can attract customers by sending relevant details through newsletters or emails.

· Social media marketing is one the important component of internet marketing, which by running campaigns or posting high quality content, boost the sale of products like never before.

· SEM is the fundamental of Internet Marketing, it helps in achieving higher ranking while searching done by search engines.

Cons of Internet Marketing

· It takes time to gain the trust for business. Building the brand takes time in this competitive online world.

· You require complete knowledge of technology and needs to upgrade accordingly for better results. Doing online marketing needs time and learning process to make a system and arrange things in place.

· You need a strategy to do online marketing, it’s not easy, it is quite challenging and you require a long time planning and strategy for better results.

· It is not having any face-to-face contact involved while communicating. Businesses like the selling of insurance rely on building personal relationship between buyers and sellers. These types of business are not a good approach as internet marketing.

· There are certain technologies issues also faced while doing online marketing like privacy issues, securities.

· It has scam problems also. So customers need to be alert while dealing online.

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