Use Original Content & Enhance the Audience Reach and Visibility

Relevancy of original content is not a concealed fact — and the wonders it can do in the marketing perspective. In layman, it’s a way to establish your image as an industry expert and glorify your company and, its employees.

Blogs, whitepapers, and articles etc. can offer real value to readers. They don’t entertain them with fundamental information, but educate, too.

While writing content, you must remember that; you are exchanging information with your readers or potential customers, so the content should be compelling as well as fun. People hardly like reading boring stuff — and if it’s too long, they probably will not make the cut of reading till the end.

Investing in an experienced copywriter is one of the best investments you do when it comes to offering valuable information about your business and industry. Create your own user base who follows you like a media outlet that serves great content to consume.

The job doesn’t end by writing a thoughtful content. That’s the first step. How the content should reach the wider audience, and lionize company’s image among the public is what new challenges wait. Thankfully, there are various recognized and reputed online distribution channels for your content — and it demands time and investment to increase your ROI because marketing is a tiresome process. As the views increases, the chances are increased for new clients and revenue growth.

Thought Leadership

If you are a leader or an entrepreneur who has deep knowledge of the field, then you have the idea about the need of experienced copywriters by recognized companies that can write great copies for their readers and help them in reaching the wider audience by influencing them and increasing chances of sales conversion.

Moreover, there are many entrepreneurs who welcome relevant and well-penned content to publish on their website. By pushing your content on other websites, you are establishing your image as an industry expert and you will gain more followers and attention of the targeted audience.

Basically, you gain exposure for your business and if you are the public face of your company, then you are selling yourself and triggering more likes to your social media profiles. Hence, writing for others can directly help you in the most rewarding ways — and you save a heap of money from your marketing budget.

Let’s us talk about the points to remember while doing guest posting;

  • Look for the websites that are akin to your business. There you will find relevant audience for your content.
  • Send e-mails to website owners and tell them about your expertise to gain a conversion lead.
  • Interact with your commenters and keep taking a follow-up from editors.
  • Send relevant topics to editors.

Social Media Channels

Social Media has become the backbone of distributing content on different networks. Being a leader, the first step before circulating content is to sign up for company’s account on important social media channels and build a respective audience. As you publish the engaging piece, it will influence them to share and spread the word about it, without you intervening in their decision of pushing your content a wee bit. It will be automatic.

Hence, you increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers if you get on different social media channels and engage with your interested followers.

Keep in mind that every social media platform is different, and you have to create different content distribution strategies that can adhere to their standards, and you don’t look an amateur. Use social media content management to alter the message for different platform and adjust the tone as per the channel.

Using hashtags can categorize your pot and if you able to viral your posts and keep promoting hashtags, then it will accelerate your social media campaign at in incredible speed.

Social News Website

social news websites like Digg, Reddit, Slashdot, Inbound, and StumbleUpon are a great way to promote your informational content that offers insights about the latest happenings in the industry; be it a new technology, new guideline introduced or anything important that’s related to your business.

It does not give you an edge of building a strong profile, but it helps you in gaining influence on targeted social media news websites, where, a lot of people are looking to read informative content in your niche.

Simply sharing your blog links can hurt your image and make you look like a spammer. Hence, write relevant lines that adhere to the content in the link or a genuine advice supported by your content. This strategy’s success has a connection to your activeness. People love interacting with those or love engaging with posts that are engaging and offer useful insights within the industry.

For instance; Reddit allows Subreddit where people upvote or downvote on your content, depending upon the quality of it. The more upvotes you get; the more visibility it earns on Reddit platform. In the year 2015, 30.3% marketers used Reddit to gain influence for their businesses.

Relevant Groups and Blogs

Posting an insightful comment on relevant blogs can bring attention to your website. The simple way is to follow the most relevant blogs in your niche and leave your rightful suggestion in the comment section. It paints you as an industry leader. You comment can support company’s blog content, which can redirect the readers to the blog, and you get the needed attention and traffic to the website.

Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora etc. give the opportunity to ask questions or to start Live Q&A where you can interact with the potential customers. Moreover, you can write detailed answers to the questions and gain views, which drive particular traffic to the website. Don’t forget, the traffic will be relevant and will enhance chances of sales conversion.

Unmatched Content and Visibility

If you read a well-written and researched content, you will see the author as an experienced person who knows what he’s doing — and of course, you will see the company as authentic.

To build a positive reputation, you have to be an expert in offering original content that establishes you as an industry leader and shows expertise in your particular area.

Creating informative and original piece will not do any good. You have to spend time in extending its reach so your targeted audience can read it.

The content you are writing is for your audience, not for your peers. Hence, stop wasting your time in impressing your peers as they are never going to buy anything from you. They are already selling their services. Focus on targeted audience, which can get converted.

Source : Looupe