Why are all the white dolls sitting together on the Target shelf?
Melissa Giraud

You don’t need to teach kids about the racial divide. That only divides races even more. If you didn’t teach them about the racial divide, they honestly wouldn’t care, nor would it affect them.

Kids are simple, don’t overthink every little thing in children’s lives. There’s no need to literally put politics into play. Kids just play with anything, they don’t care. It’s play. Let them be kids. They have their whole lives to worry about politics, don’t shove it down their throats this young.

Toys are just that: toys. Toys do not need to reflect anything at all; they’re simply toys. Their purpose is for fun. Toys are not supposed to need to signify anything. Children will play with absolutely anything at all—including a box— that doesn’t mean it reflects their entire lives and worldview. That doesn’t mean that “oh, she’s playing with a box so that symbolizes her feeling of being trapped.” No! Toys are just toys! Toys do not need to reflect reality! Toys are pretend. Toys are fiction. Toys are an escape from reality. They don’t mean or signify or symbolize anything, nor do they need to.

By pointing out that “toys need to reflect you so that you can feel like you matter” is telling a child how to feel. It’s telling a child that if a toy does not *entirely* reflect them, then they should feel insecure. That’s not how it works. Children (and people) need to feel secure whether things around them encourage that or not. Children need to be taught to feel secure from within not from the status of external things. Because the status of external things are not always going to be comfortable or helpful or preferable. Children (and people) need to be taught that they matter no matter what and that they don’t need anything to feel like they matter. Because they matter simply because they exist.

A little about me: I’m eighteen. I live in California. I love reading and writing, and horses. My ultimate goal is to become a journalist for Time Magazine, but due to circumstances in my life right now that dream is put on hold. Thanks for reading! (:
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