What’s different about the Trump tapes?

Why this? Why now?

Why is it that people are upset over the Trump tapes this weekend in a way they haven’t been upset about anything so far? Because it’s about infidelity, not merely lechery or being generally lewd, it wasn’t about women who are otherwise considered ‘available’ (like Alicia Machado. The fact that Machado was a pageant contestant makes her public property in a way that a married woman isn’t). This feels worse to the men around him, because all of a sudden he is threatening something they feel is inherently theirs. Notice how all the condemning tweets are white men, who all mention their wives, their daughters?

Despite the fact that the laws were changed in most developed countries many years ago, any woman who has spent any time on the internet recently kn0ws that the only value a woman has is in relation to the men around her. You are someones wife, daughter, sister. The way men attack you is telling. They go on the attack for your looks, your sexual availability, your ability to hold a relationship. The worst insult available to them is that you’re not even *worth* raping.

Trump could have said all the things he said with no consequence, except for the bit where he mentions she was married. That tipped it away from general rapy blokiness (which most Trump supporters appear to be fine with, as we’ve seen), and into directly threatening other white men. It’s akin to threatening to take away their guns. You’ll take my women from my cold, dead hands.

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