Is Fear Stopping you From Scaling Your Business?

Ever Present Mind Monkeys

Limiting Beliefs when Scaling

Belief 1. Trying To Do It All

Belief 2. Letting People Down

Belief 3. Fear of Failing & Making Mistakes

Belief 4. Fear of Judgement from Others

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Your Inner Critic

Reframing Your Mindset

My Tips To Banish Fear When Scaling

  1. Identify your fear and call it out!
  2. Ask yourself, ‘what limiting beliefs are holding me back?’
  3. Work out what’s at the root of that fear?
  4. Ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’
  5. What’s your ‘Plan B’ if the worst thing actually happened?
  6. What’s the best thing that could happen if you succeed?
  7. How do you reframe this positively?
  8. Lastly, write out some positive affirmations to reinforce your new beliefs and confidently read them aloud every day.



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