Stop Watching Your Competitors

And do these 7 things instead!

  1. Double down on your core offer and stay focused on your clients. Avoid the temptation to get distracted by those ahead of you. Your audience and your clients matter more than influencers.
  2. By all means, continue to follow those who are ahead of you, and do save inspirational things to your inspiration folder — but then get back to your clients.
  3. If you do get distracted or fall into imposter syndrome, then go and do something more powerful. Book a focus session with your clients, or with ideal members of your audience and ask them for feedback. These are the people who really matter to the success of your business.
  4. Set the intention to not bring your emotions into the next step.
  5. Schedule time in your calendar to work ON your business. Do your competitive research during this scheduled time, and track marketplace trends.
  6. Look at what you do versus what your competitors are doing and find new opportunities in your uniqueness and look for what your competitors may have missed. So, that’s your unique value proposition. I have a great video on how to stand out in your marketplace, so I’ll leave you the link to that.
  7. Then, if you do feel the imposter syndrome creep in then EFT tap it out, set yourself some affirmations and then, emotionally walk away from this exercise.



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Lor Bradley - Business Strategist

I help coaches and service based entrepreneurs to scale a business by working smarter and not harder!