Floor tile calculator — A browser extension used to calculate the number of tiles needed and price for a given room dimension.

Basically, the companies that sell tiles have nothing automated.
They take more than 10 minutes to calculate the number of tiles and the price of tiles.So customers have to wait a long time.
Floor tile calculator is created to solve this problem.

How it works?

Simple! Just click on the extension.
Then you enter the dimension of your room and the size of your tiles and their prices. Floor tile calculator will do the calculations for you and give the required number of tiles as well as their total prices.

Here are the steps to use it.

Step 1:

  • Choose the unit of your room dimension.
  • Enter the value of the length and width of your room.

Step 2:

  • Choose the unit of your tile dimension.
  • Select the size of your tile.

Step 3:

  • Enter the unit price of the tile.
  • Finally click on calculate to see the results.

And you can click on reset, to start over.


Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/floor-tile-calculator/

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/floor-tile-calculator/ihafjbnnbfgfkkldcddnlmgbikfgpnco

Opera: https://addons.opera.com/fr/extensions/details/floor-tile-calculator/