Art is just another word for hope

From the crazy-making politics of our current administration to the manipulation of truth, we are under assault in an endless game of political dodge-ball — over which we have only influence, at best. And since dodge-ball has been known to leave bruises, a tough hide is required.

Calling for a time-out does not make you a coward.

In the process of obsessively watching the action and trying to avoid a direct hit, I have once again been slammed against my personal wall. I can take in no more crazy. No more hate. No more manipulation. No more division.

Times like this, I run for cover and comfort. First into the arms of Mother Nature and second, Mother Art. News about people who are making — or at least trying to make — positive change in our troubled world is a close third when I’m seeking calming alpha waves and inspiration. Studying history-making and art-making women also adds perspective, when a time-out is required.

That Will & Grace is back on the air, helps, too.

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Rose Heart